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Ketamine Treatment in Los Angeles

Pacific Ketamine Institute

Medical Director: Michael E. Steuer, M.D.

Practicing Medicine: 32 years

Specialty: Ketamine Treatment/Anesthesiology/Pain Management

MICHAEL E. STEUER, M.D., a P.C. Biography


I am pleased to introduce you to my practice, and I appreciate your interest in me. I am a pain management specialist, board certified by the American Board of Anesthesiology (ABA) in Anesthesiology, and also boarded by the ABA in Pain Management. I am also board certified by the American Board of Pain Management. I trained at the University of Michigan Medical School where I graduated with honors in 1987. I did my internship right here at UCLA in Internal Medicine, and I did my residency at Harvard Massachusetts Hospital as a clinical fellow. I did further training as a pain management fellow at Cornell Medical Center-New York Hospital in New York City, and completed my training there in 1992.

In 1992 I went into practice in California before relocating to the Memphis area, where I have been practicing since 1999. I had a vision to provide pain management services for patients in this underserved area twenty years ago, and I built my practice by visiting and developing professional relationships with multiple primary care providers in the Memphis area, educating them about my approach to patients whose lives have been limited or even ruined by chronic pain. I now have a staff of over 100 employees, including three doctors and 10 advanced practice nurse practitioners, and we see over 3,000 patients per month. I have built a very strong practice in five different clinic locations, all within 100 miles of Memphis, TN. We treat patients at all five of these locations, and refer them for minor surgical procedures at each of our two conveniently located Ambulatory Surgery Centers, one in Tennessee and one in Mississippi. In addition, I own a urine toxicology lab where our practice refers urine samples in order to assess our patients’ compliance with their treatment protocol, in an attempt to ensure their safety.

I am considered by my peers as a leader in the field of pain management, and I have delivered multiple lectures nationwide as an educator with the various professional organizations of which I am a member. Helping people whose lives have been ruined by chronic pain, getting them back on their feet, and helping restore their ability to function physically and emotionally, bring me indescribable professional satisfaction every single day.  I am bringing my experience and success from the Memphis area to my clinic in Beverly Hills, and I am hoping to become your physician in doing so.

We have been pioneers in the adoption of Ketamine for the treatment of depression, PTSD, bipolar disorder, and other mood disorders, as well as chronic pain.  We are proud to offer these services in our Beverly Hills location, and I look forward to talking with you soon.

I look forward to a mutually rewarding, ongoing professional relationship with you.

Michael E. Steuer, M.D.
President and Medical Director
Pacific Ketamine Institute
Beverly Hills, California

Michael E. Steuer, M.D.

Years practicing Medicine: 32
Specialization: Anesthesiology, Ketamine Treatments, Chronic Pain Management

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