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“I feel the person that’s always been inside of me has finally had the chance to come out.”

Honeya shifted from happiness to hopelessness at the drop of a hat. Where traditional treatments were unsuccessful in treating her depression, Honeya found relief through Ketamine treatments at PKI. She feels like she has her life back. Watch Honeya retell her journey with Ketamine. Individual results may vary.


When you were doing research about ketamine, tell me about your situation and what you were thinking about.

Sure. I was experiencing chronic depression for a really long time. Couldn’t get out of bed, didn’t have any motivation, was experiencing a lot of shifting moods all the time. I’d be happy one second, the next second the world was coming to an end, very hopeless, just felt I was hitting rock bottom. I tried everything and nothing was working so it was, sure, there’s one more thing out there to try. I was a little skeptical about it, but figured I’m going to try it and see what happens.

Wonderful. And then tell me about your journey.

So today is my last treatment at out of six and my journey has really been incredible. As my husband says, it’s been a miracle. I feel I’m a different person. From the very first treatment I felt a huge difference. My anxiety started to go away, my mood started to shift. I felt more loving and had more gratitude towards people and just my life in general and I still feel that way. It’s gotten so much better. I’m a friendlier person. I don’t feel depressed. I don’t feel the need to cry. I don’t have anxiety. In fact, I want to get off of my anxiety medication because I feel I’m managing it and I really don’t need it anymore. It’s been incredible. I feel the person that’s always been inside of me has finally had the chance to come out. It’s just been in there, but because of all my other issues, it was just never allowed to really come out.

Wonderful. And tell me about your experience here at Pacific Ketamine Institute.

Amazing. Everyone is so sweet and they have so much love to give and they’re so supportive. It doesn’t feel you’re in a doctor’s office at all. Everyone’s super friendly. They make the process so easy. They constantly check on you as you’re going through the procedure just to make sure everything is okay that you’re doing okay. That everything is going according to plan. So it’s a very, very safe environment and it’s very comfortable.

And talk a little bit about the experience of the treatments themselves.

So the treatments for me, each one has been very different than the other. Sometimes I’m very happy when I’m done. Sometimes I’m a little bit groggy but I don’t really remember what happens until my husband who sits in the room with me tells me, oh you said this or oh you did that. But for me, somehow it’s been a truth serum. A lot of things that have been inside of me that I’ve pushed down have started to come out, which is pretty amazing for me because I’m someone that just compresses everything and pushes everything down. Doesn’t really voice myself much unless I was angry, in my angry mode, which I’m not angry anymore. I would walk around just angry all the time and I’m not like that anymore. And so each treatment brought something different. But after each one I felt good and I just continued to feel better and better.

And what would you say to somebody who’s considering trying ketamine to treat depression?

You should definitely do it. Definitely do it. It works. It really, really works. And I was really skeptical about it. I was, how is this drug going to fix my brain basically, and it’s fixed my brain. Again, the biggest thing is I just don’t feel depressed anymore. I don’t feel it.

So wonderful. Thank you.

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Treating depression is often a non-linear path.  Most of our patients have been through years of trying one medication after another, and often times from doctors who don’t talk to each other.

Does this sound familiar:

You’ve been advised by your doctor to try an SSRI (or have tried several already) to treat your depression.  It takes 6-8 weeks to see if it works. The side effects are terrible and work immediately. After a few months, you realize that you feel terrible still, and are frustrated that you wasted months with a drug that was intended to make you feel better, but it made you feel worse.  Did you know that SSRIs only work 20% more than a placebo? For everyone else, they don’t work. But the side effects are debilitating.

Treating your depression Today

Unlike SSRIs or SNRIs that take weeks to see if they work, most of our patients feel immediate relief from their depression the first day that they do their initial ketamine treatment.  In some cases, it takes 2-3 treatments for the benefits to kick in, but in over 85% of our patients who have used IV Ketamine as their modality to treat depression, they see a major improvement in their quality of life and relief from their depression and pain.  

85% success rate and it works immediately.  Sounds much better than the alternative, doesn’t it?



If you’ve seen the benefits of how ketamine treats depression, you can encourage others to talk to their doctors by sharing your story with us.


If you’ve seen the benefits of how ketamine treats depression, you can encourage others to talk to their doctors by sharing your story with us.

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