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“It’s really a remarkable treatment. The care you get here is unprecedented!”

Jessica suffers from anxiety disorder with panic attacks and many sleepless nights. Ketamine treatments have helped Jessica take back control of her life and health. Watch how Jessica’s experience at Pacific Ketamine Institute changed her life. Individual results may vary.



Hi, I’m Jess. I’m at Pacific Ketamine Institute and just wanted to share my experience about how wonderful it’s been. It’s alleviated my panic attacks, and I’ve been able to sleep eight hours a night. It’s really a remarkable treatment. The care you get here is unprecedented. And so thank you, Pacific Ketamine Institute. This has been such a wonderful experience.

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Treating depression is often a non-linear path.  Most of our patients have been through years of trying one medication after another, and often times from doctors who don’t talk to each other.

Does this sound familiar:

You’ve been advised by your doctor to try an SSRI (or have tried several already) to treat your depression.  It takes 6-8 weeks to see if it works. The side effects are terrible and work immediately. After a few months, you realize that you feel terrible still, and are frustrated that you wasted months with a drug that was intended to make you feel better, but it made you feel worse.  Did you know that SSRIs only work 20% more than a placebo? For everyone else, they don’t work. But the side effects are debilitating.

Treating your depression today

Unlike SSRIs or SNRIs that take weeks to see if they work, most of our patients feel immediate relief from their depression the first day that they do their initial ketamine treatment.  In some cases, it takes 2-3 treatments for the benefits to kick in, but in over 85% of our patients who have used IV Ketamine as their modality to treat depression, they see a major improvement in their quality of life and relief from their depression and pain.  

85% success rate and it works immediately.  Sounds much better than the alternative, doesn’t it?




If you’ve seen the benefits of how ketamine treats depression, you can encourage others to talk to their doctors by sharing your story with us.

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