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How Ketamine Clinic Are Helping Others

Many people don’t respond well to traditional medications commonly prescribed to treat pain or mood disorders such as depression. Ketamine clinics are using ketamine infusion therapy treatments for people suffering from chronic pain syndrome or treatment-resistant depression.

Ketamine works by blocking NMDA receptors in the brain. NMDA is a glutamate receptor that is related to depression, anxiety, and pain. Pain treatment specialist Dr. Michael Steuer says, “That’s one of the really fortuitous uses that we found for ketamine. It essentially blocks NMDA, and it blocks that over the perpetuation of painful impulses in the brain.”

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How To Choose The Best Ketamine Clinic Near You

One of the most important factors to consider when choosing Ketamine clinics is the experience of the staff and the doctors’ commitment to providing safe, compassionate care to all their patients. Meet Michael E. Steuer, MD, he is the Medical Director at Pacific Ketamine Institute. Dr. Steuer specializes in anesthesiology and ketamine treatment and has been practicing medicine for over 32 years.

He is considered by his peers as a leader in the field of pain management and has even lectured nationwide as an educator with the various professional organizations of which he is a member. Dr. Steuer is very proud of the work he and his ketamine clinic team have been able to accomplish. He says, “We have been pioneers in the adoption of Ketamine for the treatment of depression, PTSD, bipolar disorder, and other mood disorders, as well as chronic pain.”

Dr. Steuer is proud to offer these services at his Los Angeles Ketamine Clinic, helping people whose lives have been ruined by chronic pain, getting them back on their feet, and helping to restore their ability to function both physically and emotionally.

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Your First Ketamine Treatment Consultation

Before your first ketamine infusions session, you’ll schedule an appointment for a free consultation with Dr. Steuer or a member of his medical staff. The doctor or healthcare professional will spend time with you going over both your physical and mental health history. Now is the time to ask any and all questions you have about ketamine therapy.

A treatment plan will be determined based on a variety of factors such as your age, weight, previous treatment history, and any pre-existing conditions. The doctor will then make a recommendation for ketamine therapy with a typical treatment plan being six infusion sessions spread out over a two to three week period.

Take Your First Step Forward

Typical Ketamine Clinic Procedure

After a brief stay in the reception area, you’ll be brought back to your own private ketamine clinic treatment room. You can even remain in your street clothes and don’t have to change into a hospital gown during the procedure.

Before the start of each therapy session, a doctor or nurse will take your vital signs to check your pulse, blood pressure, etc. Then she’ll locate a vein in your hand, wrist or arm before inserting a small needle. This needle is connected to a thin intravenous (IV) tube which is connected to the bag containing the ketamine infusions fluid. The infusion flows through this IV tube to deliver the medication directly to your bloodstream.

The ketamine clinic team will continually monitor your vital signs – heart rate, blood pressure, oxygen saturation – during the procedure. They will also check your response to the medication and make adjustments to the IV drip rate if necessary. Each depression, PTSD or bipolar disorder session lasts about forty-five minutes to an hour with another twenty to thirty minutes to recover after each treatment. Note: chronic pain treatments usually require a larger dose, administered over a longer time interval often lasting between three to four hours.

Your Ketamine Therapy Session

It’s possible that you’ll experience a few side effects during your IV ketamine infusions session. Some patients report feeling a pleasant euphoria or an out of body sensation. There is nothing to worry about as your healthcare team is on hand to provide continual monitoring. During your session you can request to have the lights dimmed and plug in a pair of noise-canceling headphones or listen to your favorite music to help you relax.

At the end of your session, you can remain at the ketamine clinic’s office until you feel fully ready and able to leave. Ask a friend or family member to go with you as you’ll need someone to drive you back home after each session. You may feel a bit tired after each session, but most patients can return to work the next day with no problem.

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