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  “We are seeing a worrying increase in harmful exposures to gabapentin and baclofen in U.S. adults over recent years,” an expert told Newsweek. Suicidal thoughts are among the potential side effects of both drugs, and chronic pain itself is linked to suicide attempts. This comes against a backdrop of suicide rates in the U.S. […]

The research team recruited 90 people who drank much more than average — an average of about four to five pints of beer a day, or about five times the U.K.’s recommended maximum — but had not previously been diagnosed with alcoholism and were not receiving treatment. On the first day of the experiment, participants […]


– Michel Steuer M.D. Pacific Ketamine Institute Treatment shows promise where other antidepressants fail Anxiety, depression and suicide are on the rise among American youth. But ketamine — a drug historically used as a surgical anesthetic — is showing promise as a treatment that can succeed where other antidepressant medications have failed. The need for help is dire. […]

Ketamine assists in rescue mission pulling 12 boys from a cave in Thailand - CNN story

Medics who treated the 12 boys and their soccer coach rescued from a cave in Thailand last year credit the drug ketamine with playing a key role in the daring and dangerous mission to extract them. According to details of the rescue released in a medical journal Thursday, the boys were given unspecified doses of ketamine by […]

New research shows how ketamine is an effective treatment for depression from Scientific American.


Ketamine has saved lives because a lot of patients have had unrelenting, chronic suicidal thoughts for most of their lives, and when they are treated with ketamine, those tendencies go away. From Rolling Stone.

ketamine is an effective treatment for chronic pain

There is new hope for those who suffer from chronic pain. Ketamine is helping reduce and eliminate pain for those who have CRPS. From Pain Pathways Magazine.

TIME Magazine Cover Story showcasing Ketamine as a treatment for depression

Ketamine seemed to be repairing brain circuits that had been damaged by stress.

Ketamine can relieve depression in hours and keep it at bay for a week or more.

Read the full article from NPR.

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