Ketamine Treatment and Costs

At Pacific Ketamine Institute, we have an 85% success rate with our ketamine infusion treatments.  

The initial infusion treatment plan is a series of 6 ketamine infusions that are delivered over a 12-14 day period – just about one every other day for the initial 2 weeks.

Why 6 infusions over 2 weeks?

Ketamine treatment does 2 primary things physiologically:

  1. Disrupts the abnormal brain mechanisms that create depression, PTSD, bipolar mood disorders and chronic pain; and
  2. Re-generates new neuronal connections in your brain that are required for learning and for overcoming the negative emotions that keep you stuck

By delivering a recurring treatment of 6 sessions over a 2 week period, we can help train your brain’s cellular connections to re-connect, helping you to fight off depression, PTSD, bipolar mood disorders and chronic pain.

Initial Costs for Patients with Depressions, Anxiety, Bipolar, or PTSD

$3,750 for your initial 6 treatments over 2 weeks.  Each treatment is only 40 minutes, and you are welcome to relax in our post-infusion lounge for as long as you’d like after each treatment.

Maintenance Ketamine Infusions

$750 for each infusion after your initial treatment of 6 infusions. ***DELETE when your initial set of 6 infusions is done at Pacific Ketamine Institute**DELETE.  XXX I’d scratch thisXXXIf you received your first 6 treatments was done at another physician’s office, your cost will be $750 per treatment as single sessions.XXX Again, after each treatment, you are welcome to relax in our lounge for as long as you’d like. (Basically, we’d just say $750 each, and you’re welcome to relax in our lounge. Take out the “other docs’ offices)

Annual Membership

We have 2 levels of membership:

  • All Treatments Member
    • When you subscribe to our annual program as an All Treatments member, you will receive your first 6 infusions, and monthly infusions thereafter for the period of 1 year.
    • The cost for an All Treatments Member is $1,000 per month for a minimum of a 1 year subscription term. We should have literature and a policy that states that the annual membership fee must be paid up front for one (1) year. Same with Subsequent Treatment members.
  • Subsequent Treatments Member
    • You may elect to pay for your first 6 treatments and then subscribe to our Subsequent Treatments Membership level to receive monthly treatments at a discounted rate.
    • You would pay for your initial 6 treatments at the rate above plus a monthly subscription fee of $500/mo for 11 subsequent treatments over the course of the following 12 months from your initial treatments.
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