Mood Monitor

If You Don’t Measure It, You Can’t Manage It

Pacific Ketamine Institute uses MoodMonitor– a secure, reliable, easy-to-use reporting and monitoring tool – that helps us ensure the best possible outcomes for our IV ketamine treatment patients.

At Pacific Ketamine Institute, we recognize Ketamine as the safest, quickest and most effective option to treat depression. We have seen an 85% success rate with ketamine infusion therapy as a treatment for depression, PTSD, chronic pain, bipolar disorder, and other mood disorders. Patients need to know that only qualified health providers will be performing ketamine infusion therapy, and our Doctors and healthcare professionals have over 50 combined years in leading medical care treating patients with pain and depression.

During your ketamine infusions, we will monitor your treatment process carefully in order to minimize the chances of any side effects.


Why use a mood monitoring system?

Multiple studies have shown that frequent evaluations of a patient’s symptoms during the course of ketamine treatment improve long-term outcomes. We’ve seen first hand the benefit of close communication between provider and patient, and believe MoodMonitor provides multiple benefits.

Unipolar major depressive disorder (MDD) is one of the leading causes of depression, affecting 16 million people in the United States, and over 300 million individuals across the globe that have experienced depression. Roughly one-third of the patients that suffer with MDD do not respond to currently approved and administered antidepressants or treatments, and even in those who do, these treatments typically take several weeks or even months to achieve a noticeable effect. This is also typically termed as Treatment Resistant depression due to the slow or almost next to zero effect the current depression drugs and treatments have on this disorder.

Ketamine has garnered well deserved attention from the research communities as a promising agent for treatment-resistant depression (TRD), that uses a different mechanism of treatment than currently available treatments and medication.

Ketamine blocks NMDA receptors in the neural part of the brain responsible for causing depression or mood disorders, and triggers a signal change in the AMPA [α-amino-3-hydroxy-5-methyl-4-isoxazole propionic acid] receptors of brain cells. This helps treat depression causing brain cells directly at source instead of hiding and dealing with symptoms unlike most SSRI drugs administered as antidepressants.

Ketamine is known to showcase short-term effectiveness for the treatment of nonpsychotic, treatment-resistant unipolar and bipolar major depression. Within a few hours of receiving treatment, patients who benefitted from intravenous (IV) ketamine, experienced a quick onset of clinical antidepressive response lasting an average of 3 to 14 days.


Self-tracking helps you become more mindful of your mood, allowing you to seek help before you fully relapse. You can see you mood chart at any time, and if you see it start to dip, you can schedule a booster.


According to one study, patients whose clinicians were receiving patient-reported symptom rating scale data showed a 28% greater improvement in outcomes, compared to those whose clinicians weren’t receiving feedback.


MoodMonitor will help you feel more engaged in your care, giving you more control over your health. By graphing your mood, you and your provider will be able to see which interventions work and adjust your treatment plan accordingly.

How the MoodMonitor system works


MoodMonitor checks in with the patient via text message, requesting a mood score each day and sending a clinically verified surveys every other week.


MoodMonitor records and tracks the patient’s score, along with treatment details entered and updated by the patient’s doctor.


Doctor and patient access the patient’s chart to view or record treatments, and make informed, data-driven decisions about changes to the treatment plan.

Next Steps

Get started with Mood Monitor at Pacific Ketamine Institute today and record your mood score as the treatment progresses. Feel free to ask your Doctor any questions you might have regarding Mood Monitor.

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