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An Alternate Treatment Solution For OCD

Ketamine For OCD Treatment

Ketamine, first developed and approved by the FDA as an anesthetic, is a promising new innovation in the field of OCD treatment. While you may know it as the club drug often abused as Special K, Ketamine is what some doctors are calling the biggest breakthrough in OCD and depression treatment in decades. When infused at a low dose into the bloodstream, research shows that Ketamine may be up to 80% effective at providing relief for OCD symptoms.

One benefit to Ketamine Infusion for OCD treatment is its ability to sometimes bring relief to symptoms within minutes or hours, rather than the weeks or months your typical antidepressant may take.

Research into Ketamine infusions for treating OCD is still ongoing, but it is generally believed that Ketamine helps to foster connections between synapses and helps to restore damaged connections between nerves (essentially “rewiring” the brain), as well. Because of this, Ketamine infusions are helpful for not only depression or other mental health disorders, but also chronic pain disorders like Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS) or fibromyalgia.

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Explore Different Options For Treating Your OCD

The persistent symptoms of OCD may make you feel hopeless, but it is important to remember that even the worst cases of OCD can still be treated. There is nothing shameful in seeking help for OCD, especially if your symptoms are preventing you from performing average, everyday tasks.

Treatment for OCD can take many different forms. Some may find medication helpful, but others may turn to psychotherapy. Others still may find general lifestyle changes helpful in addition to their main treatment. That being said, OCD varies from person to person, and there is no one treatment that will work for every case.

You stand the best chance at finding a treatment that works for you if you educate yourself as much as possible on not only your own OCD symptoms, but also on the common treatments of OCD.

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What are the symptom subtypes of OCD?

  • Contamination Obsession with Washing and Cleaning Compulsion Characterized by intrusive thoughts about contamination and compulsions of excessive cleaning or washing.
  • Harm Obsessions with Checking Compulsions Characterized by obsessive thoughts about possible harm to yourself or others, and compulsions involving checking rituals to relieve your distress.
  • Symmetry Obsessions with Ordering/Arranging/Counting Compulsions Characterized by obsessive thoughts about symmetry and compulsions to make everything orderly until they are “just right”.
  • Obsessions without Visible Compulsions Characterized by intrusive thoughts about religious, sexual, or aggressive themes. Triggers related to these themes are typically avoided as much as possible.
  • Hoarding Characterized by obsessive fears of losing items or possessions that you may need one day.

Can Ketamine Help Your Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder?

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