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Daniel P. – Ketamine Review – Venice, CA

Really happy and grateful that this place exists.

My girlfriend suffers from PTSD. We did some research and the other treatment options–mostly different types of traditional therapy– have pretty low success rates.

Two sessions in, ketamine therapy seems to be working amazingly well. In her words, her brain is “unlocking” and she’s regaining abilities that she had before her accident. She’s noticably happier and her mood is more stable.

The two brothers who run PKI are amazing. One’s an anesthesiologist, the other a technology entrepreneur. They clearly care about their patients. The set and setting is calming and positive– the facility is clean and professional, but doesn’t feel like a hospital. The air smells nice. During treatment sessions, patients get headphones with soothing music to listen to. I held her hand during her second session.

That’s not to say that ketamine therapy for PTSD is easy. Ketamine induces altered consciousness that, as far as I can tell, bring you face to face with bad memories. Overcoming trauma is still hard work. But PKI is a beautiful and supportive setting and I’m glad we found it.

Jane M., Santa Monica, CA

Pacific Ketamine Institute gave me my life back. I’ve had chronic PTSD for the past 15 years and until Pacific Ketamine Institute everything I tried to do to alleviate my symptoms failed to work.

After just 3 treatments I felt my fog begin to lift. After the 4th treatment, I felt the bubbly me I hadn’t seen since I was 17 ( i’m 32 now). After the 5th treatment my brains processing ability exponentially sped up, my words returned and the brain fog was 90% lifted. After the 6th treatment, i’m overjoyed that the buried 17-year old me was found and i’m fully more than capable again. I have my confidence back, my wits about me, access to all learned information that was so deeply locked and i’m happy again.

Thank you Dr. Steuer and Andy for all you’ve done for me. I highly recommend anyone who is suffering from PTSD, trauma, and or depression to try this treatment and give yourself the opportunity to be the better you.

My experience with Ketamine:

When I arrived in Dr. Steuer and his brother Andy’s beautifully decorated office space, I felt calm and peaceful. I felt the professional love and care they had for me. After asking them many questions about the treatment, the procedure, the possible side effects, etc. I felt they actually cared about me getting better. During the 3 weeks in which I received 6 treatments, I felt I was in the best of hands and that my patient needs and well being were a first priority to them.

A bit about me: I had chronic PTSD for over 15 years. I developed PTSD a few times in my life for different traumatic occurrences. One of which was the loss of my first love of 3 years when I was 17 years old. He died in a tragic car accident. I loved him immensely and so when he died, a big part of my brain seemed to die with him. I had symptoms of grief, depression, self-isolation, devastation, brain fog, memory loss, loss of speech/words, loss of logical reasoning, loss of critical thinking abilities, loss of information processing, and loss of ability to follow direction, ect.

I lost interest in almost everything. I isolated myself and was generally only going through the motions of life without joy. I somehow worked my way through college but my once very witty, overachieving, energetic, vibrant, jovial, aspiring to be a lawyer self was inconceivably lost. I lost my identity and no matter what I tried: self-help books, retreat centers, countless therapists, meditation, yoga, acupuncture, and still nothing seemed to help me find my way back to me. After year 11, I began to accept my fate.

And then I woke up in a hospital bed with a broken back, hip, and foot. I was told I was found underneath a three-story window, my heart stopped but they were able to resuscitate me. This truth gave me another layer of PTSD. My brain was cloudier than ever I learned I would be incapable of leading a normal life and all the previous efforts I had done to help myself were lost.

After hearing of successful ketamine treatments I decided to do some research. I found zero negative reviews or testimonials on ketamine treatment, and zero death occurrences of ketamine treatment administered by a licensed doctor. I was still a bit skeptical and wary, but given my state of suffering decided it couldn’t get much worse and thus called Dr. Steuer’s office.

Myself, my loved ones and my friends are so grateful for Dr. Steuer’s practice and all they’ve done in unlocking my brain, and ultimately giving me my life back!

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