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Ketamine helps treat OCD for Residents of Los Angeles

Looking for the treatment of OCD in Los Angeles? Obsessions are intrusive, recurrent thoughts that cause distress or anxiety, such as fear of germs or contamination. Compulsions are behaviors that people perform repeatedly to alleviate an obsessive thought. Excessive hand washing, counting, multiple cross checkings are some such examples.

Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder or OCD, is a debilitating disorder that can negatively affect and take over a person’s life. The overwhelming need to avoid germs can restrict a person’s ability to enjoy nature and human contact. An obsession with cleanliness can make a person’s hands go raw from scrubbing too much and too hard. Following inherent rituals repetitively can keep people from getting anywhere on time.

Traditional treatments of OCD generally include SSRI drugs, such as Prozac, and cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT). However, this traditional line of treatment is only effective in a small set of patients. These medications are associated with unwanted adverse side effects, and the response to CBT can be limited based on how deep rooted these behaviors are into a person’s subconscious mind. Residual symptoms usually continue to affect patients, with high relapse rates being common.

Some medical studies have even advocated the use of brain surgery (Deep Brain Stimulation) to treat severe cases of OCD. However, ketamine is emerging as a promising option which is non-invasive, safer, and better tolerated.

While SSRI drugs work on increasing serotonin levels in the brain, Ketamine affects the neurotransmitter called glutamate, that directly coordinates with the part of the brain that directs OCD. Thereby, producing much higher positive results that SSRI or other traditional drugs.

Benefits of Ketamine

IV Ketamine Treatments are an attractive alternative treatment option for those suffering from OCD, depression or other mood disorders. Low dose ketamine infusions can be especially effective to alleviate anxiety, thereby eliminating compulsive behaviors and obsessive thoughts. It helps restore healthy brain function without side effects and help people create healthier habits to cope with daily life.

Recent studies on how Ketamine can help treat OCD reveal that Ketamine can treat comorbid depression which is found in 30-50% of OCD patients. In one study, rapid relief of OCD symptoms was seen in almost 50% of participants after just a single ketamine infusion. Ketamine has also been known to treat symptoms of OCD through its effects on Glutaminergic transmission in the brain.

Ketamine has been known to provide relief within an hour after an infusion. Symptom control is often sustained for many weeks following a Ketamine session, thereby giving lasting results with minimal chances of relapse. About 70% of patients have seen a substantial improvement in their OCD symptoms after IV Ketamine Treatments.

Next Steps and What You Can Do Right Now

If you or your loved ones suffer from the debilitating condition of OCD, or have experienced any symptoms that can be termed as obsessive or compulsive, please give us a call at (424) 332-5550 to schedule a free consultation.We would love to discuss your symptoms and draft a treatment plan accordingly. Pacific Ketamine Institute is the #1 provider for the treatment of OCD in Los Angeles.

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More Commonly Asked Questions


OCD is a disorder that has a neurobiological basis. In the United States, about 1 in 40 adults and 1 in 100 children have OCD.  And according to the World Health Organization, OCD is one of the top 20 causes of illness-related disability, worldwide, for individuals between 15 and 44 years of age.


Ketamine works unlike any other medicine. It is an NMDA antagonist, which means it blocks pain pathways and reboots functions by “re-setting” nerves and triggers growth of neural pathways. In addition, ketamine also appears to reduce the activity of glutamate, which is the main excitatory neurotransmitter in the brain and a very powerful anti-inflammatory medicine. Therefore, it helps with both of the main types of pain (nerve pain and inflammatory pain) and has shown great success in the treatment of migraines, depression, anxiety, PTSD and mood disorders.


During your ketamine infusions, we will monitor your treatment process carefully in order to minimize the chances of any side effects. You might feel tired or slightly disconnected with your surroundings. For most patients, this dissociation effect is what helps with your treatment and provides a positive response to your ketamine treatment. It is not unusual to develop nausea, a common but self-limited side effect of Ketamine.  However, if you do become nauseated, we can control that by adding Zofran to your treatment, which is an anti-nausea medicine that is used in hospitals and ERs throughout the world.

This is all a normal part of the treatment and you will always be in a safe environment with staff to supervise you and be available to you at all times.


No, a referral is not required.  One of our doctors will talk to you and evaluate whether the treatment would be appropriate for you. Based on your medical history and medication list, the medical director will also determine if there are any medical reasons why ketamine treatment is not recommended. Please contact us with questions.


It is not necessary for someone to accompany you to the treatment. You do need to arrange for transportation home afterwards, either a ride, public transportation, Uber/Lyft or walking.  It is imperative that you not drive a car or bike until the next morning.


Pacific Ketamine Institute uses MoodMonitor– a secure, reliable, easy-to-use reporting and monitoring tool – that helps us ensure the best possible outcomes for our IV ketamine treatment patients.

Multiple studies have shown that frequent evaluations of a patient’s symptoms during the course of ketamine treatment improve long-term outcomes.


Unlike most traditional drugs, effects of ketamine are almost immediate. Most of our patients notice improvement as soon as 3-4 hours after their first ketamine session. Many patients see an immediate effect while they are having their treatment.


You will have to consult your insurance company for this. You can learn more about insurance coverage and ketamine treatments here.

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